"My hope is that someday we're going to find
a cure and I know it's around the corner."

Kathi Goertzen

OUR MISSION — to inspire...

  • Cures for brain tumors and brain cancer, with the understanding that there is already great work taking place in the field.
  • Patients and families to believe in their own strength through all the challenges that lie ahead.
  • Donors, volunteers and friends to work together to support patients and cures by donating to the KGF which will be making grants to scientists working on brain tumor and brain cancer research.

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Remembering Kathi Goertzen

Brave, strong and courageous.

Kathi Goertzen was all that and more in her fight against brain tumors. She shared her struggles with all of us and helped others who face the same battle. She was so dedicated to the fight that she launched this foundation in 2011 to help others. If you knew Kathi personally, or through her 30 years on air at KOMO 4 Television in Seattle, her tireless community service or as a fanatic WSU Cougar - you know she approached her health challenges with personal strength, humor and a deep faith.

She chose special qualities in its creation: Inspire. Hope. Cure. These are the principals Kathi Goertzen built her foundation on to figure out what causes brain tumors. At that time, Kathi said, "My hope is that someday we're going to find a cure and I know it's around the corner."

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encourage patients in their battles against brain
cancers and tumors.

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