Love, Family, Brain Tumors and Seventh Heaven.

Eighteen years ago on a chairlift at Stevens Pass a dream came true. I asked the love of my life to marry me and she said yes. We arrived at the top of Seventh Heaven and I realized yes I was in Heaven. The most amazing woman I had ever met had just said yes to marry me.

We leaped from the top of Seventh Heaven and skied hard down the hill, pushing each other, challenging each other to be better and stronger. At the bottom of the run we stopped, leaning on our poles, breathing hard, sweating and smiling, we talked about how we could do this in life as well as skiing. We could ski together pushing each other down the mountain and in life. What a Valentine’s Day! Dreams do come true.

In August we were married in Sun Valley with our best friends and family. Our flower girl was also part of our new family. Five year old Alexa was now my daughter! Okay, step daughter but I have never thought of her as anything but my daughter. Kathi, Alexa and I skied together and pushed each other to be better and stronger in everything we did. Months later Andrea was born. Now we are four and we are a family living life to the fullest. We ski, we travel, we laugh, and yes we even fight a bit. We work hard and play hard.

Family Ski Trip—2006

A mere three years from Andrea’s birth we are told of a brain tumor in our Kathi’s head. Brain tumor!! Really? How can that be? The girls are young; Alexa just 8 and Andrea only 3. We are now back on life’s Seventh Heaven pushing each other down the mountain. Our ski runs are now brain surgeries that our entire family must endure. We arrive at the bottom of the first run, all four of us, leaning on our poles, breathing hard and sweating.

Now thirteen years later and eight challenging ski runs complete, each more difficult than the other. We learn to deal with moguls, deep powder and treacherous ice. Our ski challenges are now brain tumors and brain surgery challenges. Our moguls are Meningiomas, our deep powder is a hospital bed, and our treacherous ice is the threat of infection. We keep pushing each other to be stronger, better and more confident.

We believe that God put us on this mountain to show others how to get down. We are also confident that God will continue to show us down this mountain. We now look forward to gliding through real deep powder on fat skis. You can keep the big moguls and treacherous ice. Let’s go skiing!!

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Rick Jewett