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To My Dear Friend Kathi… Love, Rhoda

My first memory of you was in 1976 this beautiful, happy, blonde sitting on the couch at WSU with your long flowing blonde hair! You probably don’t remember this, but from the very beginning, you taught me about the bigger world.

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“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

Swing low, sweet chariot …were the words I sung to myself as an eight year old girl, clutching my brown Grizzly bear to my chest in bed. Seattle rain was pelting our penny-flat rooftop at the top of Queen Anne Hill. It was a school night. My sister was two. My ginger and white Read the rest of this post »

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Love, Family, Brain Tumors and Seventh Heaven.

Eighteen years ago on a chairlift at Stevens Pass a dream came true. I asked the love of my life to marry me and she said yes. We arrived at the top of Seventh Heaven and I realized yes I was in Heaven. The most amazing woman I had ever met had just said Read the rest of this post »

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